Reverence and Mirth: These three words say it all: Reverence is honoring ourselves, each other and the world by treating every situation and every living creature with respect, honor, appreciation and gratitude. Luckily, most wedding ceremonies usually have some degree of reverence.

Yet sometimes ceremonies lack mirth, a joyousness and lightness of being that brings smiles to all in attendance. Wedding ceremonies, and life, need mirth to be truly beautiful. The best weddings often have plenty of joyful mirth, which may or may not include actual laughter. Whats important is a genuine ebullience that comes from the heart. Of course, every couple has their own vision of the perfect wedding ceremony and we give you exactly what you want. Perhaps, you might want to include levity, lightness and humor in your ceremony. Be sure to let us know if you want your wedding to be festive and fun.

Below are just a few wedding pictures to generate some mirth and to make you smile. Feel free to send us your favorites and we will post them! Its our way our bringing more smiles into the world. Enjoy!




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