If you want to be married and want the simplest way possible, you need a marriage license and an appointment. You can call us at 1-888-886-6075 to set an appointment. These Quick & Simple weddings are performed at our officiant's offices or homes. The fee for this "walk-in" service is $250. It is for those who want a cheap and fast wedding ceremony, a short and sweet marriage ceremony that you will love.

Even though the ceremony is short and sweet, it will still be inspirational and romantic. We put our heart into every ceremony regardless of length. You deserve a beautiful wedding and we guarantee that is what you will receive.

If you would like to customize your ceremony exactly the way you want, and want to see all types of wedding ceremony ideas, then

Click Here For a Free, Personalized Wedding Ceremony Package and Guide,
or call Rev. Louis at 1-888-886-6075

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