When we buy a product or service, the best information we can get is what other people have honestly thought about the product or service. When that service is the wedding ceremony on the biggest day of your life, references and testimonials from other couples become even more important. Below you will find a small sample of unsolicited letters and emails from brides and grooms and their families who absolutely love our services and the weddings we performed. Hundreds of other references and testimonials are available upon request. Enjoy!

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Dear Rev. Dennis,
Just wanted to say again thanks for the great job you did!! So many people came to me and told me how beautiful and touching the ceremony was and how great the words that you spoke were.

I am sorry you had trouble with your tire and I hope enjoyed the reception. It was a beautiful day and mostly in part for the great ceremony you performed!

Take care
--Susan and Evans

Dear Bob,
Thank you so much for the wonderful wedding ceremony on June 19th. We all loved the ceremony and we couldn't have asked for more. It was perfect!

Thank you from the bottom of our heart!
Connie and Ian Tseng

Hi Rev. Louis,
Thank you so much for your service on Sunday, July 17, 2005. You did a great job and everyone loved the ceremony. Luis and I were very pleased because the ceremony was flawless... You made us so comfortable and we were such a happy couple that day. We will always remember how smooth it was....

I will highly recommend you to other couples who wish to get married.

Thank you so much!!!.
Sharon & Luis Zegarra
July 17, 2005

Rev. Louis,
Things couldn't be better with marriage and family life! Thank you for everything again. It is a day I will always remember fondly and you had a lot to do with that.

Dear Reverend Kevin,
My fianci and I recently attended the his sister's wedding (Jen and Andy Chand) and thought you did such a wonderful job. We would love for you to perform our ceremony which will be on May 28th 2006. Please e-mail me back and let me know if you are available, and any other information you have to offer. Thank you!
Christine Griffin

I came across your website, and you are the answer to my prayers!

I am planning a wedding for the Summer of 2006. I don't want anything big (this is my second marriage, this is my fiance's first) and neither of us are overly religious (we have faith, just don't like to be tied down to ONE particular religion.) I was throwing the idea around of finding a minister, when I came across your website. AMAZING.

Thank you so much for all your help! I am super excited and can't wait to speak with you!

Dear Rev. Larry:
Sandie and I are just about to depart on our honeymoon to Hong Kong and Thailand, but we both felt obligated to write to you first. We are both thrilled that you conducted our ceremony yesterday! I've received many comments from my family and friends about your inspirational words. As you know, I was quite tense prior to the wedding and you were a big help keeping me cool.

It was not only the words that you spoke, but the manner in which you delivered them that was memorable. Sandie and I extend our heartfelt gratitude to you, we could not have hoped for better! We will cherish the memory of you conducting our wedding ceremony for the rest of our lives.
Thank you again!
Yours Truly,
Sandie Yu and Kevin Conboy
PS - Please feel free to show this letter to your future clients.

Hello Rev. Doug,
What a beautiful wedding day we had. Thanks so much for being a part of it.
Tammy O.

Dear Jerry,
Thank you so much for the beautiful wedding ceremony you wrote for us. It really made our day special. Always know that you helped unite the two of us for a lifetime.
-Bob & Dana Yokl

Rev Louis:
Sabrina and I want to thank you again for providing us with such a wonderful wedding ceremony. Many of our guests have enjoyed the ceremony and have inquired about you. Would you mind if we pass your contact information to them?
--Keith Atkins

Dear Rev. Robert,
Thanks again for everything. We are so happy with how smooth everything went and how nice the ceremony was.
Joann and Glenn

Dear Reverend Don,
Thank you for your loving presence in our day and filling our ceremony with such a spirit of love. Thank you again from our hearts."
-Patti S. and Jenny H.

Hi Rev Rick!!
Emiliano and I wanted to thank you for the truely wonderful and memorable ceremony you performed for us. Your down to earth persona and easy going manner relaxed our jittered nerves so much. We are so happy that we got to know you and Maria more. I hope you both enjoyed the reception. Everyone said you were so much fun and they will definately call you the next time a ceremony needs to be performed! Wishing you and Maria all the best and much happiness.
Maggie and Emiliano

Dear Reverend Louis,
This thank you is a bit overdue, but better late then never. We just wanted to say thank you for helping make our day beautiful. The ceremony was lovely and it was quite a help all the choices given to personalize it. I am about 10 weeks from giving birth and we are both extremely happy and excited about all the changes in our lives. Be Well
Terese & Laurent

Dear Jeff,
How can we even begin to express our gratitude to someone who has had such a profound impact on the most important day of our lives?"
-Stacy and Brent Colflesh

Dear Rev. Bryant,
We can't express how happy we were with the beautiful wedding you created for us last Saturday. So many guests remarked that it was the most beautiful ceremony they ever attended.

Between the beach and your beautiful words, this was really the perfect wedding we always dreamed of. Thanks again for all you did for us.

Allison and Adam

Rev. Jim,
Thank you so much for marrying us. You made our day extra special. We will recommend you to all our future friends to be married.
Elliott and Lauren.

Dear Rev. Louis,
Thank you so much for the wonderful ceremony you performed for us. Jeff and I were so happy with the outcome of the ceremony. We also got lots of compliments from friends and family on how well you performed the ceremony. Jeff and I really appreciate all you have done to make our wedding a beautiful one. Thank you so much and god bless.

P.S. we would like to send you an email of our wedding picture. Just a little something to say thank you and to show you our happiness on our special day and forever.....
Thank you so much again,
Doreen and Jeff Baczek

Dear Reverend Tom,
Thank you oh so much for such a beautiful ceremony. That day will live on in our memories and we're glad you could be part of it."
-Jill and Tim DePaoli

Dear Reverend Louis,
We just wanted to say thank you for the perfect wedding ceremony. We were both so very pleased. It was exactly as we had hoped. We also wanted you to know how many of our guests told us how much they enjoyed the ceremony -- they felt your enthusiasm made it even more enjoyable!
Mario and Lucy

Hi Reverend Joseph,
Its carolynn. Just wanted to thank you again for your services on our wedding day. Everyone LOVED the ceremony. Lots of tears means lots of emotion and in this case is good to know occurred. Hope that the rest of your weddings went well that same day.
Sincerely, and once again, THANK YOU FOR A WONDERRFUL CEREMONY,
Carolynn Embarrato/Menacker

Dear Rev. Michael,
You truly made our wedding the unique and glorious day it was. Thank you for helping us have the kind of ceremony we truly wanted. We will continue to refer people to you "
-Pam and James Paolino
(this couple has referred half a dozen others)

Hi Rev. Louis,
I am sending you some pictures of the wedding that we have so far. Thought you might enjoy them with your family. We can't THANK YOU enough for making our daughter's day so special and beautiful. You were the best minister we have ever had for any of our weddings. Don't forget we have a big family so I know we will be calling on you again. We had so much fun with the theme that we think we will do all the rest in a theme. How do you fell about dressing up like a roman next time or maybe a biblical theme? Well we'll see. Hope that your time with us was enjoyable for you.
Take care Janice Chief

Dear Rev. Steve:
I'm not sure if you remember us or not -- Nick and Kati Caprara. We had intended on writing to you to thank you for performing such a lovely wedding. We had problems with our computer -- we lost our hard drive suddenly and lost all our e-mail addresses as well. But now that you wrote to us, I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you that we received so many comments about your presentation and sermonettes at our wedding. Everyone thought that you did a tremendous job and added so much to the celebration. We don't remember much about it as we were both so emotional, but we have the wedding videos to watch and we can see from them what a great job you did. We are still together and very happy. We almost lost Nick in May. He went into the hospital for a gall bladder attack and they gave him a drug that paralyzed his heart and lungs and he ended up in ICU for 11 days. But thanks to God, he survived and I am not a widow. Anyway, we just wanted you to know that we appreciated your performing our wedding celebration and how many people commented that it was the most touching wedding they had ever been to.
Nick & Kati

Dear Ken,
We are so thankful for all that you have done to make our day special. We are honored to know you as an officiant and as a person."
-Ann Marie & Dave Hall

Hello Rev. Tim,
I just wanted to thank you again for a GORGEOUS ceremony. All of our family and friends loved everything you said. I just have a question about the license. Will I be getting our marriage license in the mail or do I need to call someone? Thank you again for everything. Wish you could have stayed to eat but we understand you are very busy man. Performing beautiful ceremonies for many happy couples everywhere.
Thank you, thank you,
Elaine and Tom Carroll :)

Rev. Louis,
Thanks for the excellent ceremony that you performed for us. You did a great job. Everyone loved you. I have already had a few people ask about you so you may get some inquiries in the near future. Everyone said you were the best they have ever seen and that is what Denise and I think as well. Keep up the great service you provide! It was our honor to have you there and trust me if we ever renew our vows, we want you to perform the ceremony. If anyone ever asks you for a reference in regards to a wedding, feel free to send them our way. We feel so lucky to have found you! Once again, thank you so much for the excellent ceremony.
Kevin and Denise Urtubey

Good Morning Reverend Gary!!!
I just wanted to thank you again for all your help and patience this past Saturday. Everyone loved you and despite all the stress and chaos that went on you performed like a champ. You really were great. Thanks again, and just know that you will always play an important role in our lives each time we think back to that day or look at any pictures with you in them. I especially owe you big time for keeping me as calm and as sane as you did. We will recommend you to anyone who ever asks. Thanks again....and have a happy life. God bless you....
Christopher & Dalma.

Dear Rev. Robert,
We want to thank you for helping us celebrate our love for each other. The ceremony was beautiful."
-Jim K. and Josh K.

Thank-you so much for the most wonderful ceremony!! Everyone raved about you and how moved they were to hear you speak with such strength, passion, love and faith.

Once again, Thank-you for making our ceremony so beautiful!! You are the BEST!!
God Bless,

Rev. Ted,
We just returned from our honeymoon. Many thanks for a job well done. If you ever need a reference or recommendation, I would gladly provide it. Truly an excellent job on the service. (Even the photographer loved it.) Not only the opinion of myself and Eleana, but as a result of many positive comments we recieved from attendees, who by the way, come from a broad array of religious beliefs. Thanks again.
Bernie and Eleana Bernesser

Hi Reverend Louis,
Steve and I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful ceremony. It was all you promised it would be. You got so many compliments from people there. If anyone ever needs an officiant we will definately recommend you. Thank you!

Hi Rev. Louis!
How are you? Hope everything is going well these days. Ken and I would like to thank you for the excellent job you did at our wedding. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful and we got so many compliments on the prayers, the wording of the entire ceremony, and of course the wonderful way you did it. You were lively and inspirational, just what we hoped for and exactly the way you explained it to us at our first meeting.

Please let me know if you have filed the license information with West Orange. Am I supposed to call them, or how does that work?
Thank you again.
Ken and Siobhan Abato

Hi there Rev. Chris
We just got back from our honeymoon and I wanted to drop you a quick note while it's fresh in my mind.... Chris and I want to thank you sooo much. The ceremony was fantastic. We received so many compliments on your service. It was just how I had hoped with your enthusiastic and warm spirit!! The committee was also pleased :-)
Take Care,
Lisa and Chris Taylor

Dear Richard,
Thank you for so much of your love, peace & joy that you brought to our celebration.
-Darlene and Osman Ouattara

Rev. Louis -
What can we say?! How can we ever thank you for making our ceremony so very special and joyous. You received so many compliments from our guests during the reception and Marc and I could not have been happier with everything. Dylan certainly added a bit of comic relief and we can't wait to see those pictures!

Your inflection and enthusiasm during the ceremony was palpable which made it even better. I can only imagine how wonderful your sermons must be each Sunday.

Thank you again and I will forward some pictures as soon as we get them back.

Forever grateful -
Susan and Marc

Dear John,
Thank you so much for the lovely ceremony. You did a wonderful job.
Love, Jenn and Patrick

After reading all that, I'm sitting here bawling. You're hired! I don't think I could have more confidence in someone after, what, 2 hours? Please mail me whatever paperwork i need to sign and where i need to mail my check.

If you need any more information, please call or e-mail me back. Again, I can't tell you how completely comfortable you've made me in the past few hours. Thank you!!!

Hi Rev Jim,
We are enjoying our new status as a married couple and have been hearing many positive comments about the service you read for us. Our friends and family were pleasantly surprised by your spirit and optimism during the ceremony. Thank you for making our day so special and meaningful.

Thank you very much for this lovely ceremony package. I tell you it was so beautiful that I cried all the way down of such joy and peacefulness that it gave me. It certanly cured my post wedding stress! I would like to inquiry about involving chidren. It says to email you if I needed some information on that as well. Once again thank you very much for your time and patience.
Sincerely, Jessica Fernandez

Rev. Louis,
Crista and I can not thank you enough for the beautiful ceremony!! Everyone at the reception was asking how we found you and what an amazing job you did. Thanks for making the most important part of the day perfect!

Thanks Again and we hope our paths cross again.
Much Love Stephen & Crista Yohrling

Rev. Bob,
We would like to express our thanks for performing such a lovely ceremony. Our guest all loved your kind words and also your sense of humor. The words you said touched us very much and could not of been said any better. Thank you for making this a special day for us to always remember. Also thank your wife Barbara for coming. It was good to see her by your side. If we know of any of our friends getting married, you will be highly recommended.
Louis & Cecile

Dear Richard,
On this our one week aniversary, we just wanted to express our deepest appreciation for all that you did for us. Everyone has commented on the beauty of the ceremony and how the passages and prayers were so beautiful and reflected our personality and commitment to each other. We realize how much you contributed to the beauty and wonder of the ceremony and we thank our lucky stars for finding you. You will always be welcome in our lives and in our home. Please never hesitate to call on us for any reason.
With love and deep appreciation,
Marty and Linda Smith

Rev. Louis,
Thanks! We'll be sending a note after the honeymoon but we just wanted to mention that we've heard oodles of unsolicited superlatives about the ceremony.
Kevin and Christine

Rev. Louis,
I just wanted to let you know how great Ron was and his wife Susan was very helpful too. We didn’t have a wedding director and she took it upon herself to lead us in the right direction. That saved us lots of time and eliminated the stress of the rehearsal. The ceremony was beautiful and Pastor Ron did a wonderful job! Thanks, Claire Myers Winslow .
Kevin and Christine

Rev Louis, Thank you so much for your service. Rev Jerry did an awesome job with our ceremony, he fit right in to our theme and was funny and efficient, which is exactly what we wanted for our ceremony. Thank you so much again. David Latham and Kristin Erickson

Louis, Thank you for your company's service. Christine was excellent! Both Aaron and I absolutely loved the ceremony she designed. We would not have changed a thing and would recommend her to anyone! Thanks again for your help! Sincerely, Jesse Jamison

Rev. Charles,
We couldn't have asked for a better experience and you know we did ask the universe for such a wonderful day! Your generousity of wisdom and spirit as you helped unite us is such a blessing that we treasure always!- Ruth and Jason Wood
Thanks much!