Below you will find just a few of the ministers, officiants and justices of the peace who enrich the lives of couples (and myself!) every day. We also work with exceptional priests, rabbis and other members of clergy. Before you choose an officiant, you will have an opportunity to meet with them and come to know and love them as I have. All the reviews below were written by me, Rev. Louis Conselatore, since they would be far too humble to say such nice things about themselves. But from my heart to theirs and yours, the words below simply tell it like it is.

Rev. Louis Conselatore is the founder of He believes our purpose in life is to love one another. He has vowed to never lose the personal, human touch that makes others feel so comfortable. He has helped thousands of couples to make their wedding dreams come true. Because his vocation is to spread love, joy and wisdom, he feels he is the luckiest person in the world. He pours his heart and soul into every wedding, even when he is not officiating the actual ceremony. For him, it's all about giving couples an incredible wedding."
Rev. Phil exudes a spiritual warmth that immediately makes you feel comfortable. Since childhood, he has been enamored of the saints, prophets and mystics who selflessly love without counting the cost. He is a true lover of the art of ceremony and ritual. His calm, gentle presence inspires confidence and peacefulness and makes you feel like you have reconnected with a long lost friend. He will help make your wedding a truly joyous event.
Rev. Douglas has a commanding presence and is a warm, dignified minister. He is wise and experienced and a graduate of the Union Theological Seminary. He uses his incredible personal skills in his role as a clinical chaplain and as a wedding officiant extraordinaire. He is committed to helping you make your special day everything you dreamed it would be and more!
Rev. Ken is the leader of a congregation and has a warm and engaging personality. His caring, friendly manner will totally win you over. He will go the extra mile to make your wedding everything you want it to be.
Rev. Bob has been conducting weddings for over 19 years and is also a chaplain. He has created and performed hundreds of ceremonies of every type and description. His ceremonies are personal and customized especially for you and your special circumstances. He is truly the wedding specialist, a celebrant who captures the spirit of the day with style and grace His approach is personal, sensitive, caring and creative. He is one of the most positive people I have ever come across in this lifetime. He is truly inspirational.
Rev. Don is warm, affable and easygoing. He will make you feel comfortable and at peace from the moment you meet him. He consistently goes out of his way to help couples in any way he can. He is a beautiful man who will do what it takes to make your wedding great.
Rev. Ed is a delightful, caring officiant who will make you feel right at home. He will help make your day unforgettable.
Rev. Dan is one of our bilingual officiants who perfoms a great ceremony. He is an easygoing, relaxed minister who really makes a difference on your special day. He has great personal skills and warmth and you will certainly love your wedding ceremony.
Rev. Mark is a wonderful man who couples love. He is sensitive and warm and pays attention to the details which will make your ceremony incredible.
Rev. John has done hundreds of weddings and is a wonderful person and officiant. He pays meticulous attention tot all the details to make sure your ceremony is just perfect. He goes the extra mile to insure your wedding is the amazing experience you have always dreamed it would be.
Rev. Bill is a multi-talented officiant and musician. His fun, personable manner will win you over. He is friendly and caring and you will love him as your wedding officiant.
Rev. Peter performs beautiful non-denominational, traditional, and contemporary weddings. Be assured your experience will be a "Happy" event as well as a "Holy" occasion, to be remembered always.
Rev. Larry delights in working with the wishes of wedding couples to ensure a beautiful ceremony every time. An ordained interfaith minister, he is a pillar of wise, patient support and inspiration. He has a sensitive touch for allowing the “you” that wants to be expressed to come out in your wonderful wedding ceremony.
Rev. Eric is a man of many talents. He is a writer, musician and caring, sensitive minister. He will expertly guide you to an incredible wedding ceremony.
Rev. David is enthusiastic, inspirational and personable. He is a people-person that loves doing weddings and it shows. You will feel like an old friend of his. .
Rev. Jim is a really warm person. He is reliable and trustworthy and will make you feel like you have known him forever. He is friendly, joyous and a breath of fresh air. He will make your wedding unforgettable.
Rev. Jeff is an experienced wedding officiant who is cool and calm. Couples have really enjoyed having him as their officiant of their ceremony. He is intelligent, caring, warm and friendly.
Rev. Dennis has made many couples incredibly happy on their wedding day. He is a peaceful, joyous officiant who enjoys a good laugh. He is down to earth and real. He will make your wedding into a celebration of love and togetherness. He is relaxed and totally professional, someone you can really count on.
Rev. Raymond is one of our several outstanding bilingual ministers. Whether your ceremony is in English, Spanish or both, his approach is warm, caring and sensitive. He will gently lead you toward an amazing ceremony of love.
Rev. Jennifer is personable, sensitive and really sweet. She sees weddings as another way to continue her overall ministry of love. She teaches meditation and her peaceful demeanor is wonderful. She will easily guide you to your incredible day and give you a wedding ceremony that you will remember forever.
Rev. Diane is a minister and Spiritual Counselor. She is also a professor and meditation teacher. Her warmth and attention to detail will make your ceremony unforgettable. Rev. Diane has a peaceful presence that will keep you calm and confident on your special day.