Marriage is the joining of two individuals for the one goal of remembering Love. In this world, you may be given a partner to help you remember. This, then, is the responsibility of husband and wife--to recognize Love within each other and share that recognition.

The goal of matrimony is to build a world of recognizing Love in one another. Fear, guilt and separation ends, and Love, the true reality, takes its place. For Love is within each of us, and we can share the awareness of our true identity with each other.

You and your partner are joined to each other beyond time, for in truth your Love for each other was, is, and will be eternal. Love simply is. This is the lesson which you can choose to learn through your life together. Your life is eternal and so is your Love. Love is a glorious gift given to each of us, to be shared and extended in every moment and every situation.

So the holy agreement of marriage is really nothing more than this: To joyfully share Love so that each may remember the Love within themselves, each other, and all of our brothers and sisters.

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